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Oscar Neo XL Whole Slow Juicer

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✓ Commercial-Grade 250w Motor
✓ Stainless Steel Design
✓ Superior 'Dual-Flap' Design
✓ Delivers a truly WHOLEsome Juice
✓ Lifetime Motor Warranty / 5 Years on Parts
✓ 3 Year Commercial Motor Warranty / 12 Months on Parts


Oscar Neo XL Whole Slow Juicer

Powerful. Sleek. Best of Class

  • Oscar Neo XL Whole Slow Juicer
  • If you are looking for the best-of-class vertical slow juicer, then the Oscar Neo XL Whole Slow Juicer is for you. The Oscar Neo XL Whole Slow Juicer is bought to you by the original and one of the most widely recognised slow juicer brands in the world, Oscar, and really delivers in terms of both power and quality.
    The Oscar Neo XL is a vertical wide-chute slow juicer and features a beautifully sleek stainless steel finish and a 250w motor, more powerful than any other in it's class. It comes with a commercial warranty, a testament to the technical quality of this juicer.

Powerful Motor & Commercial-Grade Warranty

Quality that is Built to Last

  • The Oscar Neo XL features a commercial-grade 250w motor which is designed to powerfully juice through whole fruits and vegetables time and time again. This powerful motor gives the Oscar Neo XL a double edge in terms of durability and power, so much so it comes with a Lifetime Motor Warranty and even a 3 Year Commercial Warranty. This is longer than any other vertical juicer in it's class and is testament to the quality and power of the Oscar Neo XL Whole Slow Juicer.

Superior Dual-Flap Design

'Dual-Flap' design is only type of Whole Slow Juicer you should own...

  • The Oscar Neo XL features the very latest in whole slow juicing technology, the "dual-flap chute". The dual-flap design requires no downwards pressure on the fruits and vegetables as they go down the chute which basically ensures the produce is juiced at the optimum speed and angle resulting in no backup inside the drum and less pulp.
    This "self-feeding" system guarantees that there is no build up inside the drum, an unfortunate downfall of earlier models of whole slow juicers. As the juice flows freely without back-up, this in turns means a quicker cleaning time, with only a simple rinse under water required for most parts.

Juices WHOLE Fruits & Vegetables with No Prep!

8cm x 8cm Wide Juicing Chute

  • Oscar Neo XL Whole Slow Juicer
  • The chute itself is 8cm x 8cm, large enough for most whole fruits and vegetables to fit through whole. The Oscar Neo XL also has an additional chute which is perfect for juicing whole carrots, celery sticks or longer vegetables as it comes directly into contact with the auger.
    This ingenious inclusion of two chutes means that you have the option to juice both whole fruits and vegetables without compromising the juicing ability. You can think of them as the 'whole fruit' and ‘whole vegetable’ chutes!

Beautiful Stainless Steel Finish

Beautifully sleek and polished

  • The Oscar Neo XL Whole Slow Juice is finished with a brushed stainless steel outer casing, meaning it will compliment even the most stylish of kitchens. The stainless steel finish makes the XL very attractive and makes it stand out from the rest.
    All parts are made from BPA free Tritan polycarbonate in a dark black colouring, which adds to the elegance and refinement of this juicer.

A WHOLESOME Living Cold Press Juice

Experience the difference today...

  • Oscar Neo XL Whole Slow Juicer
  • Juicing the whole fruit including skins, peels and seeds provides the body with the most nourishing and nutrient-rich juice that is then instantly absorbed by the blood.
    As the produce does not need to be cut or sliced there is no oxidisation occurring during the preparation process. Oxidisation is the result of nutrients and enzymes depleting so effectively a whole slow juicer is ensuring they are kept intact at all times during the juicing process.
    The juice from the Oscar Neo XL will last for up to 48 hours at a time, meaning you can juice at a time that is convenient for you and your family and save in the fridge for later.

Additional Information

Brands Oscar
Model Number ONV1000
UPC 9341061006411
Extraction Type Single Gear/Vertical Cold Press
Motor Single- Phase Induction
Frequency 60 Hz
Colours Available Stainless Steel
Included Accessories Ultem auger, tamper, cleaning brush, two juicing screens and two collection jugs
Domestic Warranty Domestic: Lifetime on Motor & 5 years on Parts | Commercial: 3 years on Motor & 12 months on Parts
Product Weight 6.5 kg
Shipping Weight 8 kg
Product Dimensions L 14.5cm x W 22cm x H 45cm
Shipping Dimensions L 24cm x W 43cm x H 60cm
Wattage 250w
Voltage 220-240v
Certified CE Certified
Materials BPA FREE Tritan
Extra Features Dual-Flap Chute, Stainless Steel Design, Powerful Motor, Pulp Outlet Plug
Compatible Foods Soft & Hard Fruits & Vegetables