The Vitality 4 Life range of kitchen appliances is a careful selection of what we consider to be the best of category makes and models each with their own benefits and features.

We offer only a world class selection of appliances designed to enhance a raw lifestyle; the appliances in our range are geared towards helping our customers create healthy recipes using only raw ingredients which are living; full of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals.

Our best of category appliance selection includes cold press juicers; some of which feature the multi-functional ability to perform as living food processors, we offer high performance blenders, dehydrators, oil extractors and grain mills. With our selection of appliances, you can prepare nutritious healthy meals quickly and easily every day thereby increasing the amount of raw cuisine and living juices you consume for a truly easy and enjoyable healthy raw lifestyle experience.

The Vitality 4 Life 'best of category' selection of appliances for the raw kitchen features top brands Oscar, BioChef, Hippocrates, Champion and many more loved and respected brands from around the world. Take a look at our collection and get started on your path to health today.

  • A Healthy Choice
    For more than 20 years, we have watched our niche market industry become mainstream and during this time our values have stood strong; our products are designed to support a healthy lifestyle through the power of a life-giving raw diet.

  • Best of Class
    We offer 'best of class' appliances that are an innovative blend of 'long life' quality; fully serviceable products via 'today' manufacturing choices, thereby keeping our promise of providing value to our customers.

  • Product Expertise
    Following the core values our company was founded on, the BioChef products embody the user-centric design principles we have developed over 20+ years of knowing our customer. Vitality 4 Life is at the forefront of new innovative technology in the raw kitchen appliances category.
    The most recent development in cold press juicing is for slow juicers to be able to process whole fruits and vegetables. Our cold press juicers allow you to squeeze every last drop of nutritious juice from your favourite fruits and vegetables, making an excellent drink with none of the adding colourings or sugar of store-bought "fruit beverages".
    We stock high performance blenders so that you can sip your favourite fruits and vegetables in smoothie form. High performance blenders are becoming more powerful and are much more user-friendly and quieter than their predecessors and as expected, Vitality 4 Life offers only what we consider to be the best of class value-driven models.

  • Long Warranties
    Our Vitality 4 Life 'Approved Product' Guarantee is our testament that we stand behind the products we sell.

Getting the Raw Food Tools You Need

Living a raw lifestyle can be alot of fun or it can be extremely hard work! Raw recipes offer plenty of diversity; there's a myriad of delicious meals and treats you can make and the way to enjoy this is to do what you can to cut down on the preparation time. That way you can have a delicious array of raw dishes that will keep you interested to continue on the raw lifestyle path without having to spend endless hours preparing meals day after day.

If you’re going to make raw recipes every day, it is essential to have the right tools for the job at hand. Without the right tools, living a raw lifestyle can be a gruelling daily grind that demands alot of self-discipline to keep going. Every day you need to be ready to start again and somehow feeling full of energy from eating healthy has to make up for a time consuming, monotonous meal preparation routine that can deplete your morale for staying on track.

Having the right tools for the job will certainly go a long way to keeping your meal creation less time consuming, more fun, delicious and with plenty of varied, diverse results.

The Top 3 Raw Food Kitchen Tools

  • Cold Press Juicer / Living Food Processor
    A cold press juicer is the easiest way to ensure you are getting an abundance of daily nutrients and enzymes in their most purest form - through their own inherent living water. A litre of cold pressed vegetable juice every day for 30 days is a wonderful first step topwards a healthier lifestyle. Some of our juicers are able to make healthy raw sorbets, raw gourmet dips, soaked nut butters, bliss ball treats and more

  • High Performance Blender
    A high performance blender is recommended for taking your raw lifestyle to the next step; you can make delicious nutrient-packed smoothies, nut milks, raw hot soups, raw cakes, desserts, vegan cheeses and more. Adding a high performance blender to your toolkit really takes you from juicing to the next steps of embarking on a mostly raw diet

  • Food Dehydrator
    A dehydrator can add alot of zest to raw dishes. For those who are seriously on the raw lifestyle path, a dehydrator can help add some additional sustenance to your diet. A dehydrator can dry more than just fruits and vegetables, you can make delicious seed crackers, dry fish and other meats. There are many ways a dehydrator can add 'delicious' into a raw diet