The wonder attachment from Champion - Grain Mill

The wonder attachment from Champion - Grain Mill

This Champion Grain Mill attachment will produce fresh, whole grain flour with top nutrients and full of taste will ease. Freshly homemade milled flour is abundant in nutrients and fibre that is missing in store bought varieties.

Whether you feeding a large family, have a special diet, or want to get back to whole-food essentials, this attachment will mill wheat, rye, oats, barley or rice into fine or coarse flour specific to your requirements.

Taste and See the Difference before your own eyes!

Baking and cooking with freshly ground grains is a guarantee that you'll enjoy more flavourful and more healthful food. You may be surprised by how much of a difference you'll notice in the flavour and texture in a loaf of bread made with flour ground in the Champion Grain Mill, homemade flour cannot be duplicated with any commercially flour. An additional extra with this attachment is it will allow you to experiment and try different flours you may not have access to normally or would normally try.

Back to Bread Basics

After thousands of years of making our own bread at home, only in the relatively recent modern age have we entrusted this time-honoured process in the hands of the supermarket. Unfortunately when this process is industrialized everything we benefit about what bread does for human’s wellness is removed and replaces with a hollow, fluffy shell. Although it may last for weeks in a truck and on a grocery store shelf, in reality the end product is a shadow of what bread once was and could be again.


Mahli Jeffreson