The Versatile Oscar 900 Vital Max

The Versatile Oscar 900 Vital Max

Versatile Juicer

Drinking fresh vegetable juices should be a crucial part of everyday living. The Best-Selling, Award-Winning Oscar Vital Max is an extremely versatile, easy-to-use, multi-purpose juicer and food processor. The Oscar 900 efficiently juices soft and hard fruits including citrus fruits, vegetables, green juices, multiple mincer/ chopper function and including pasta and noodle attachments. – Minimum effort with Maximum results!

Whilest the Oscar VitalMax 900 may initially cost your more than a centrifugal juicer, this juicer will produce a superior-quality of juice not only in taste but the juice produced is living so your body can absorb the maximum nutrients and enzymes possible. You will receive more juicer from your fruits and vegetables meaning in the long run you will save money on your grocery bill. It is commonly known that cold press juicers will last longer this is why we have offered a 10 year warranty on the motor.

The Oscar VitalMax will not only juice soft and hard fruits and vegetables, it will even juice citrus fruits like lemons and limes, save preparation time as the Oscar 900 will even juice the skin!

The versatile oscar 900 will make:

Pastas, Noodles & Breadsticks

With 6 handy Pasta/ noodle attachments you can make fresh noodles, pasta and breadsticks in minutes. Nothing beats fresh, organic Italian Pasta with no added preservatives, colouring and sugars.

Food Processor

The Oscar 900 can be the entertainer enabling you to make soups, hummus, pesto, sweet rice, fruits flans and carrot cakes for an idea dinner party. All this by simply substituting the juicing screen for the blank mincing screen you can process delicious snacks. The Oscar Vital Max 900 will chop and mince garlic, red pepper, ginger, radish plus many more!

Healthy Juicing

Juicing leafy greens and fibrous vegetables with the Oscar 900 and see how easy his really is!!Effectively juices wheatgrass, aloe leaves, pine needles and other medicinal herbs for those of you that are health conscious.

Desserts and Sorbets

Indulge in 100% natural fruit ice creams and sorbets. Treat the little people in your family to after school or between meals treats with no added colours, flavours, preservatives or sugars.



Customer photo provided by Cheryl Francis

Oscar Vital Max 900 - Versatile, Efficient and easy to clean Cold Press Juicer

Oscar VitalMax 900 Juicer

✓ Great Value ✓ 3-Step Auger Crushing System ✓ Simplistic Design ✓ Excellent for Wheat Grass & Greens ✓ Food Processing Capabilities ✓ 20 Year Motor Warranty / 5 Years on Parts

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