Oscar Neo is our.... Top Juicer!

Oscar Neo is our.... Top Juicer!

The Oscar Neo is not only a Living Juicer but also a complete Living Food Kitchen preforming a multitude of tasks including, juicing, grinding, ice cream making, pasta and noodle making and more! The Oscar Neo comes complete with a mincing screen and pasta attachments allowing you to convert you juicer into a complete all-in-one Food Processor... what a top juicer!!

The Oscar Neo 1000 is commonly known in international health circles to be the manufactured to the highest quality and it is undeniably many customers first choice for maintaining optimum health and healing. The Oscar Neo is also smaller and light than it predecessor the Oscar 900, it also features a higher torque engine which requires less power to do the same job.
The motor generates low vibration, minimal noise, dramatically improving the efficiency of its mighty 150W motor.

Introducing the new pressure adjustment nozzle 5 stage which enables you to control the pressure applied to the produce, for a more refined juice we advise you to use a higher number. For harder fruits and vegetables we recommend you apply more pressure to enable you squeeze the maximum juice. The Neo also promises up to 3-5% more juice than the DA-900.

The parts that receive the most stress are now made from an advanced GE Uterm material which is 8 times stronger that the previous model. All other parts are constructed of FDA approved, food-safe polycarbonate and melamine.

Mincer & Food Processor... top juicer

You can smoothly process and puree ginger, radish, and garlic not to mention fruits and vegetables, allowing you to whip up organic baby food, dips and hummus within minutes!

Frozen Desserts and Sorbets..... top juicer

Treat yourself to 100% natural frozen desserts, satisfy your sweet tooth guilt free!! You can integrate your favourite flavours also in conjunction with your dietary requirements - dairy free, sugar free, gluten free. This option is not off limits to anyone!!!

Why Drink Green Juice?

Want MORE Green Juice? The Oscar 1000 Neo will efficiently juice wheatgrass, aloe leaves, pine needles and kale. Greens contain antioxidants including beta carotene, which helps renew and repair your skin as well as improving the blood circulation and as a result giving your body a boost of energy.

Pasta, Noodles and Breadsticks.... top juicer

The Oscar Neo will make pasta, fresh noodles and bread sticks with 6 easy-to-use nozzles. Minimum effort maximum results!

Oscar Neo DA 1000 Ultem Tough Juicer

✓ Most advanced single-gear cold press juicer ✓ 3 Step Auger Crushing System ✓ NEW BPA Free 'Ultem Tough' parts ✓ NEW Pulp Adjustment Nozzle ✓ Smooth nutrient dense pulp free juice ✓ 20 year warranty on motor and 10 years on parts

Mahli Jeffreson