BL-30 Manual Stainless Steel Juicer

BL-30 Manual Stainless Steel Juicer

The BL-30 makes it affordable to juice wheatgrass at home, or on the go as it is easily transported. This juicer is lightweight, portable and versatile with a turn of the handle you can juice wheatgrass grass, leafy greens, vegetables, fruits & berries.

The BL-30 high quality stainless steel juicer comes with 3 screens designed for juicing fruit and vegetables, mincing and wheatgrass, unlike most manual juicers on the market:

Fine screen

This screen is to be used for hard fruits and vegetables like carrots, beetroot, ginger and celery. Wheatgrass is packed with nutrition however not always easy to extract juice from; the BL-30 is an extremely efficient way of extracting the juice.

Coarse Screen

Enabling you to juice soft fruits such as pineapple, berries and watermelon.

Blank Screen

Designed for mincing and food processing, so you have the ability to make homogenise or puree. Also used to make nut butters including peanut butter. This screen will also permit you to make healthy fruit ice creams and sorbets.

The BL-30 requires no electricity as well as being very easy to set up and to use. It pulls in the grass effortlessly and can juice most things the electric juicers can do.

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Mahli Jeffreson