Dehydrating food with Bio Chef Dehydrator

Dehydrating food with Bio Chef Dehydrator

The Bio Chef Dehydrator is an extremely versatile kitchen appliance, dried food takes up less storage space than canned or frozen food as when the moisture is removed the food shrinks- just right for lunchboxes, backpacks or camping trips. The possibilities are endless with a Bio Chef Dehydrator!

Dried Fruit, Leathers & Healthy Roll Ups

Create the perfect healthy lunch-box snacks for the kids enabling you to control the little ones diet with no added sugar, sodium or preservatives. By combining your favourite fruits you can create REAL fruit roll ups or leathers.

Healthy Crisps, Crackers & Snacks

Make you own healthy chips with ONLY dried vegetables. Easily dried beetroot, sweet potato or zucchini chips with a sprinkling of sea salt – a perfect snack with a natural salsa dip, without the guilt! Another recipe tip is to blend omega-3 rich Flax Seeds with water and seasonings for the perfect crackers or bread alternatives!

Make Your Own Jerky

Create your favourite flavour combinations of meat jerky at a fraction of the cost with the Bio Chef Dehydrator.

Dried Flowers & Kids Craft Work

Quicker than air-drying, or pressing dehydrating your flowers is quicker and it will retain their colour for much longer. Use your Bio Chef Dehydrator to dry paintings and crafts your kids have made.


Mahli Jeffreson