Lexen Manual Sprouter

Lexen Manual Sprouter

The Lexen Healthy Sprouter makes growing wheatgrass and sprouts easy and enjoyable for the whole family! With the Lexen Sprouter you have the ability to grow your produce with or without soil; you can also grow four different sprouts per tray.

You can grow:

Alfalfa sprouts – A good source of Vitamin K, 1-cup of alfalfa sprouts contains around 8 calories, making this a great choice for low calorie diets.

Bean sprouts- You can grow a variety of different beans and sprouts that you might not be able to buy in supermarkets if you sprout them yourself. They are a wonderful source of flavour a texture in a meal.

Dill – Delicious with potato and egg salads.

Chive- Is an excellent source of dietary fibre, try adding this to an omelette.

Coriander- Asian or Italian dishes commonly use this ingredient.

Mint - Great for mint sauces with a delicious lamb roast dinner. Also try adding a little mint to your fresh juice drinks.

Oregano - It's perfect to add on top of a pizza, but it is also wonderful with buttered roast potatoes.

Thyme - Wonderful in stuffings and combining with other herbs for roasting with vegetables.

Wheatgrass- A green juice will improve your digestion and your metabolism.

Lexen Manual Sprouter

Mahli Jeffreson