Ceramic vs Steel Knives

Ceramic vs Steel Knives

Should I buy Steel or Ceramic Knives?

Enjoy the natural taste and smell of food with a ceramic kitchen knife.

Light weight

A ceramic knife is about half the weight of an equivalent steel knife, chopping and cutting tasks also become much easier. The knives also benefit people with wrist and arm injuries or arthritis.

High Quality

The handle is made from a high quality bio-degradable material derived from corn. The design makes it easy for use in repetitive food preparation and is made from PLA (polylactic acid).

Rust free

Ceramic is not a metal therefore will not react in contact with acidic foods or water.

Living Food

The ceramic blade is made from a material called Zirconium oxide, not steel, which means no oxidation occurs allowing your food to keep the living enzymes even after being cut. The ceramic blade (Zirconium oxide) stays sharp for up to 10 times longer than steel blades.

With a simple rinse under the tap, all smell such as ginger and garlic are removed from the blade.


Mahli Jeffreson