Aquasana Glass Drinking Bottle - 6 Pack


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✓ Perfect size for the gym, home and work - 500mL
✓ Water free from BPAs and Phthalates
✓ Maintains the pure taste of water
✓ Better for the environment!


Glass Water Bottle 500mL 6 Pack from Aquasana

Bottle Your Own With Aquasana!

  • The best way to get pure, healthy drinking water is from a quality home water filter like Aquasana.
    The best way to keep water truly fresh and pure is to store it in a glass container. All plastic bottles leach plastic byproducts like BPA and phthalate into the water, affecting both taste and purity. The longer water sits in a plastic container, the more contaminated the water will become.
    Glass maintains the pure quality and taste of filtered water. When you open your refrigerator door and see a crystal-clear, cold glass bottle of water, you will naturally drink more. Treat yourself with some fresh fruit flavored Aquasana water using lemon wedges, strawberries, limes or oranges!
    Drinking more water is one of the very best health habits we can learn. Every health related process that happens in our body, happens with water. If our water tastes, smells and looks pure and healthy, we will instinctively drink more and be healthier as a result.
    Glass is also better for the environment, as it can be continuously reused and is 100% recyclable. Bottled water use results in over 60 million plastic bottles being produced, filled, transported and then disposed of every day in America alone!
    So do yourself and our planet a favour - Bottle Your Own, and GO GLASS!


Additional Information

Brands Aquasana
Model Number AQ6005
UPC 89049600765
Shipping Weight 2.59 kg
Shipping Dimensions L 25cm x W 19cm x H 22cm
Materials BPA FREE
Extra Features 500ml