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Vitality 700i Vibration Machine with Straps & Handles

This stylish new vibration fitness platform allows freedom of movement, enabling greater range of exercises for added health benefits. With 50 oscillation speed levels, you personalise training to suit your individual body muscle tone & weight

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Quick Overview

The Vitality 700i is a powerful vibration platform that oscillates and stimulates your joints, muscles and circulation! Get the healthy body you deserve and improve your sense of wellbeing and fitness! No need for bulky home gym equipment or expensive membership fees! Exercise in the privacy and comfort of your home!

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Product Description

VITALITY 700i Vibration Platform with Straps

The latest generation in Whole Body Vibration machines.... Healthy technologies for you and your family!

The Vitality 700i is a powerful vibration platform that oscillates and stimulates your joints, muscles and circulation! Get the healthy body you deserve and improve your sense of wellbeing and fitness! No need for bulky home gym equipment or expensive membership fees! Exercise in the privacy and comfort of your home!

Vitality 700i Vibration Platform with Arm Straps

The Vitality 700i features...

  • 1-50 speed range settings!

  • Oscillating platform

  • Arm straps for upper body workout

  • Body Mass Index - to monitor your progress

  • Heart Rate Monitor

  • Contemporary black style with sturdy, ergonomic design

  • Silent operation

  • Included instructional DVD

  • 3 year warranty

Who can use the VITALITY 700i Vibration Platform?

The Vitality 700i is safe and enjoyable for all ages. From the elderly wanting to increase fitness, restore and maintain circulation with flexible joint movement, right through to the most serious of athletes! Boost your confidence and feelings of accomplishment with a regular exercise program that is most suited to your individual needs. Work at your own pace! This machine has speed ranges between 1-50, which means you select the appropriate speed to your fitness level. When you first begin, start on slower speeds and as you develop your fitness level, then move to slightly higher speeds.

How does the Vitality 700i Vibration Platform work?

The Vitality 700i is a powerful vibration platform which features an oscillating platform. You stand on the platform and experience the repetitive movement and vibration which sends pulses of energy and movement through your body. You control the strength of the setting by using the machine’s control panel. As the movement works through your body, it is absorbed by the body’s tissues and is converted to heat. Warming muscles and joints improves their flexibility, circulation and movement. An Instructional DVD, has an exercise program you may follow. Please consult your doctor prior to beginning your fitness regime for this and any exercise machine.

Vitality 700i Vibration Platform showing ONboard Computer Console and Arm Straps

Get the healthy body you deserve because it...

  • Stimulates muscles!
  • Mobilisation of joints and muscles...
  • Builds bone density
  • Improves muscle and skin tone
  • Increases your metabolism
  • Burns fat
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Increases your flexibility and movement
  • Pre sport and after sport recovery aid
  • Stimulate your natural 'highs' with exercise
  • Boost confidence and wellbeing using Vitality 700i
  • Independently tested showing improved benefits to your circulation

Intense exercise yet kind on your body!

The Vitality 700i caters for all types of fitness levels, including the elderly and those in rehabilitation, right through to the serious athlete. It is a vibration sensation that is an intense exercise for your body without the physical exertion of jogging and weights which can pull muscles and cause stress to your body. On the Vitality 700i Vibration Platform you can perform static or dynamic movements including standing, sitting, kneeling, lying, and placing your hands on the platform. Almost any exercise from a typical gym workout or yoga class to passively sitting on a chair and resting your feet can be done on a vibration platform.

Lower oscillating speed range - Generally, the lower speed range is beneficial for beginners, rehabilitation patients, the frail and overweight. It is for a good setting for general circulation and exercises when you are sitting on the platform, for bone strengthening, balance control, circulation and abdominal exercises.

Mid oscillating speed range - It is a more dynamic exercise routine and helps stimulate the body. It is helpful for improving circulation, reducing excess toxicity, combating depression or a general feeling of sluggishness and loss of motivation in life.

High oscillating speed range - Is for the physically strong, healthy healthy people and those in sports training.

Commercial units are expensive and can only be used a few times per week, but with the Vitality 700i , you can enjoy the benefits of vibration technology daily for an overall feeling of health and wellbeing!

Four exercises from the Vitality 700i instructional DVD

Health, fitness and Space Age technologies come together to deliver outstanding benefits...

Originally this research was developed by the Russian Aerospace program in the 1960's to combat the effects of zero gravity on astronauts. In the US, oscillating platforms are the focus for the development for a prevention program for astronauts' as their muscles and bones decrease in density when they are in space. “There is a known risk of permanent or long term bone loss which could result in a permanent or long term disability when returning from 100 day missions. It is believed astronauts could lose up to half their bone density on a three-year trip to Mars if no way is found to prevent bone loss”.

Approximately 1/4 of this bone loss could be permanent, but scientists found that standing on a vibrating platform stimulated muscle and bone development. Preliminary trials on postmenopausal women have had positive results in bone growth.

Testimonials of users!

The Vitality 700i Vibration Platform with Straps has been used to help a wide variety of physical health complaints and we have customers who are using the Vitality 700i for a whole range of different needs. Click here to view testimonials

We have a customer with agoraphobia who has been housebound for five years, a paraplegic child, people with sports injuries and swelling, people with sciatica, back, shoulder and hip problems, poor circulation, loss of motivation in life and those overweight. We have customers with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, osteoporosis and arthritis who are happily enjoying the use of their platforms daily. Click here to view contra-indications

informationVibration Machine Exercises

Vibrate your way to achieving your goals of health and wellbeing!

In the discussion of vibration, we refer to the speed of vibration as a measurement called Hertz (Hz), and the force of the vibration as amplitude. The Hz measurement is applicable to linear platforms only; oscillating platforms are measured by amplitude. Amplitude measures how high the platform moves above its horizontal resting place. Research has found that low amplitude vibrations are best for humans and particularly those beginning an exercise regime. Larger Amplitudes create greater movement of muscles and joints and help to generate a stronger response from the organs controlling muscle reflexes. The frequencies that are best for you will depend on your age, fitness level and body type. The research we have studied suggests that vibrations in the 12 to 60 Hz range have many beneficial effects and generally most users find 40Hz is their limit. Above the 40 Hz range is more suitable for serious athletes.

Close up view of the Vitality 700i Vibration Platform Onboard Computer Console

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information Read more about Vibration Technology
information Frequently Answered Questions about about Vibration Machines

The Vitality 700i Vibration Machine comes with a 3 Year Warranty

The next step is simple, click on the buy now / add to cart button and you could be enjoying your way towards a healthier fitness program today.


Weight (kgs) 50.0000
Brands No
Platform Type Oscillating
Frequency NA
Speed Range 1-50
Voltage AC, 220v/240v, 50z

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